Sports eyewear

Improve your sporting experience in the Highlands, whether you are here to ski or to take advantage of the golf courses


Sports Eyewear at DP OpticiansAs a keen sportsperson you will do almost anything to perform your chosen sport to the best of your ability. You will train hard, develop your skills and spend countless hours practicing. But what if the difference between being good and being really good is your eyewear?

In the Highlands, sports such as hill walking, cycling, skiing and golf are particularly popular. Luckily for you, the location of the DP Opticians practice means you will have easy access to performance enhancing eyewear; whether you are heading to the slopes, the fairway or even tossing the caber at the local Highland Games!

Did you know that there are sunglasses designed specifically for golfers? Not only does this specialist eyewear protect you from 100% of harmful UV radiation, it also takes into consideration your need for wide peripheral vision, great depth perception and lack of harmful glare.

As for skiers, goggles are invaluable when it comes to health and safety. They can protect you from 100% of UV radiation, as well as snow getting in your eyes; this is particularly dangerous if you ski at a high speed. Additionally, you need to have all glare from the sun filtered out, yet still be able to see icy patches on the slopes.

Whether you are visiting the Highlands to take advantage of the sporting opportunities, or you are a local resident who enjoys recreational activities, speak to John or Deni at the practice and find out how they can help you.

Almost any specialist sporting eyewear can have a prescription applied to the lenses.

Eyewear can be provided for each of the following sports:

  • Golfing
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Football, Rugby etc.