Every pair of frames stocked at DP Opticians is a one-off you will not find anywhere else


Frames at DP optciansWhen it comes to your eyewear you want something special; something that reflects your personality, that looks great and something that no one else has. DP Opticians can offer you all of these things.

When you purchase spectacles from DP Opticians, you will leave in the knowledge that no one else will have the same frame as you. This is because the practice vows to only ever stock one of each design for exclusivity.

The frames at the practice are hand selected personally by John, Deni and Jodie. They’re all original, unique and quite extraordinary, and hail from various countries around the globe.

As well as importing various frames from highly established brands around the world, John and Deni also visit France regularly. During their stay, the couple spend a considerable amount of time selecting unusual frames by not only French designers, but Italian and Danish designers too. This means that your chosen frame will be a one off, and a brand from one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Frames at DP OpticiansAmongst the exciting collection at DP Opticians, you can look forward to browsing brands including Variation Design, Paragraphe and  Pro-Design. Each of these brands is modern and eye catching with something to suit every occasion.

If you are looking for something particularly special, how about a one of a kind Ronit Furst design? Because every single frame is hand painted with an original pattern, you are guaranteed to leave with something that no one else in the world will have.

If individuality is something that is important to you, DP Opticians is the place to go.