Children’s eye exam

Your child’s experience at DP Opticians will be beneficial… and fun!


Childrens Eyewear at DP OpticiansYou want the very best for your child; you want them to get great grades at school and go on to achieve their life ambitions. What if the only thing standing between your little one and their future is their eye health?

If your son or daughter has an undiagnosed eye condition not only could it affect their vision, but their future too.

Children suffering from eye diseases can become frustrated at school, especially if they cannot read their books or the white board correctly. Simple tasks such as reading and writing can become difficult for your little one, and ultimately result in their unwillingness to do either. But with the right prescription eyewear, the majority of eye problems can be easily rectified and even prevented.

It is recommended that you have your child’s eyes tested from an early age. It doesn’t matter that they cannot read at this age, because specialised equipment and techniques have been developed to deliver extremely accurate results.

At DP Opticians, friendly optometrist John is particularly skilled when it comes to working with children. Armed with a multitude of specialist interactive tests, and a naturally friendly and approachable manner, your child will love having their eyes tested by John. He has been specially accredited by the Hospital Eye Service to assist with children’s eye care. Rest assured that your child’s most precious sense is receiving the care it deserves.